Something sinister lurks in the Mirror Lake woods...

Life is different for those living in the Mirror Lake Trailer Park. Mina Ryan has waited years for her werewolf gene to trigger. The clock is ticking, if she isn't Moon Kissed soon, she runs the risk of becoming an outsider to her pack.

Bigger issues arise when Mina learns one of her pack members has gone missing. Even worse, she might know something about their disappearance. There's only one person Mina can turn to for help. Too bad she has a hard time trusting herself when she's around him...

With the full moon looming closer, the mystery of a missing pack member growing, and her attraction to the Alpha's son blooming, it's all Mina can do to keep her head and heart in check.

If you enjoy YA Fantasy, wolf-shifters, sassy female leads, and romance with a dash of mystery tossed in get ready for a page-turner that will keep you hooked until the last word. This series is complete, so there's no waiting for the next book to release.

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