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I’m currently knee-deep in my Mirror Lake Wolves series. Check back frequently for updates or

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What’s Coming Soon:

Book Four in the Mirror Lake Wolves series!

Look for more info coming soon!


What Just Released:

Book Three in the Mirror Lake Wolves Series.

Sometimes admitting defeat is the only option…

Mina thought her questions would be answered once Violet woke. Instead, she learned Violet doesn’t know any more than she does about who’s behind the pack member disappearances. However, there is something wrong with Violet. Her werewolf healing should have kicked in days ago, but it hasn’t.

Continuing the search for answers is the only option Mina sees. Too bad the alpha has given Eli and Mina a chaperone who’s hell-bent on making sure their every move is one of caution.

While slow and steady might win the race, it hinders the discovery of a missing pack member and leaves the newly formed trio with only one option: Mina giving herself over to the vampire in charge as a prisoner.


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