Mirror Lake Wolves

Book One in the Mirror Lake Wolves Series.

PAPERBACK ~ $10.99

Life is different for those living in the Mirror Lake Trailer Park.

Mina Ryan has waited years for her werewolf gene to trigger. The clock is ticking, if she isn’t Moon Kissed soon, she runs the risk of becoming an outsider to her pack.

Bigger issues arise when Mina learns one of her pack members has gone missing. Even worse, she might know something about their disappearance. There’s only one person Mina can turn to for help. Too bad she has a hard time trusting herself when she’s around him…

With the full moon looming closer, the mystery of a missing pack member growing, and her attraction to the Alpha’s son blooming, it’s all Mina can do to keep her head and heart in check.

Thousands of copies sold. Millions of pages read. Enter the world of werewolves and mystery in Moon Kissed, the first book in a suspenseful, romantic, action-packed series fans of The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf love!  


Book Two in the Mirror Lake Wolves Series.

PAPERBACK ~ $10.99

Someone is hunting the Mirror Lake Wolves…

The woods of Mina’s hometown are no longer safe. Glenn has been abducted and now so has another from the pack. Guilt eats at Mina because the one missing should have been her.

In fact, it was supposed to be.

Determined to find the young werewolf taken in her place, Mina and Eli go on a hunt. They hope to find Glenn along the way, but instead, discover the length they will go to ensure their own safety as well as the members of their pack.

Return to the world of werewolves and mystery in book two of the Mirror Lake Wolves series and get ready for more twists and turns, romance, and action!


Book Three in the Mirror Lake Wolves Series.

PAPERBACK ~ $10.99

Sometimes admitting defeat is the only option…

Mina thought her questions would be answered once Violet woke. Instead, she learned Violet doesn’t know any more than she does about who’s behind the pack member disappearances. However, there is something wrong with Violet. Her werewolf healing should have kicked in days ago, but it hasn’t.

Continuing the search for answers is the only option Mina sees. Too bad the alpha has given Eli and Mina a chaperone who’s hell-bent on making sure their every move is one of caution.

While slow and steady might win the race, it hinders the discovery of a missing pack member and leaves the newly formed trio with only one option: Mina giving herself over to the vampire in charge as a prisoner.

Return to the world of werewolves and mystery in book three of the Mirror Lake Wolves series and get ready for more action and suspense!


Book Four in the Mirror Lake Wolves series.

Paperback ~ $10.99

Sometimes a sacrifice is the only option…

Time is ticking. The fate of Mina’s pack rests heavily on her shoulders. The moment she must give herself over to Regina’s vampire goons looms closer and it’s all she can do to appear strong. Focusing on Dorian and Eli’s plan and the knowledge she’ll be taking Regina down soon is all that keeps her moving forward.

But when the plan is botched, and someone else is taken with Mina to the city, she isn’t sure she’s strong enough to save him and do all she set out to.

Death and destruction will touch the werewolves of Mirror Lake. Who will remain standing after the smoke clears?

Return to Mirror Lake in the fourth book of the Mirror Lake Wolves series and hold on tight because things are about to get intense!


Book Five in the Mirror Lake Wolves Series.

Someone sinister is stalking Mirror Lake… 

A new threat has come to town, one who doesn’t seem to be hunting just the werewolves this time around. Instead, it seems as though anyone in town is fair game.

Mina’s gut has been telling her the person responsible isn’t human, but will the others believe her intuition or will heartache fall on the pack before they see reason?

Return to Mirror Lake in the fifth book of the exciting Mirror Lake Wolves series and prepare for more action, suspense, and mystery.


Book six in the Mirror Lake Wolves series.

Sometimes the enemy of your enemy becomes your friend…

With the help of a stranger her wolf doesn’t trust, Mina learns the Midnight Reaper’s identity. She also makes a deal with the newcomer, one Eli might not agree with.

But when the safety of the pack becomes a top priority and a secret about someone close is revealed, putting a friend in dire danger, priorities pivot.

The pressure is on in Moon Revealed, book six in the Mirror Lake Wolves series.


Book seven in the Mirror Lake Wolves Series.

Sometimes the help we need comes in small packages…

Roman is still on the loose. When another innocent human dies because of him, Mina becomes more determined than ever to take the vampire down. Especially once she finds herself marked by him. Relying on the strength of her wolf and her quick wits might not be enough. Forming an alliance with all supernaturals of Mirror Lake may not either. It might take all of that plus a little magic to do the job.

See how things unfold for the werewolves of Mirror Lake and their supernatural counterparts in the final novel of the action-packed series, Moon Captured.


A Mirror Lake Wolves Novella.

The wedding of a lifetime. A threat from the past. And a holiday season everyone is sure to remember.

Eli should be focused on holiday plans with Mina, helping his family through their first Christmas without his father, and asking for Mina’s hand in marriage. Instead, he’s struggling to vanquish old ghosts that shouldn’t be hanging around the trailer park and protect his pack.

When he learns of the spirits’ agenda, Eli must do everything in his power to make sure the newest member of the pack stays safe…even if it means risking his own life.

Moon Vowed is a Mirror Lake Wolves novella and should be read after reading books 1-7 in the series.

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