Vampire Emails is a series I’ve co-authored with author Alyssa Rose Ivy.

Book One In The Vampire Emails Series.

College life bites…

Fern wants to blend in. On a campus with thousands of students she may finally have the chance, even if she has to contend with her witchy secret. Still, something is missing. Quite possibly someone. After sending an email to the guy she’s crushed on for forever she doesn’t expect an answer, let alone the possibility that their former co-worker friendship could turn into something far less platonic.  

Holder is searching for himself. He took a chance and followed his passion for art to Savannah. Unfortunately, that same passion will lead to his death. Emails to Fern are the only way he’s staying sane and it isn’t long before he realizes he can’t survive without her. Literally.

College is supposed to be rough, but when you’re a witch trying to hide your talents or a guy hoping he doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight, it just might be rough enough to kill you.

From Alyssa Rose Ivy and Jennifer Snyder comes a fun and unique twist to the paranormal genre, Potions & Fangs (Vampire Emails #1). Are you ready to get inside Fern and Holder’s Inbox?