This boxed set includes the remaining four books in the completed Gem Creek Bears YA Paranormal Romance shifter series.

Sometimes tragedies force us to fully live.

After the death of her mother, Penny Daniels leaves Opal Pine and heads to Gem Creek Campground. There, with the help of her best friend Tris, she hopes to heal and figure out what her next step in life should be.

What she finds is trouble.

Penny wasn’t looking for love or danger but somehow finds both. A certain bear shifter has been working his way into her heart since she arrived and someone has been watching the clan, waiting to strike. When they do, Penny finds herself caught in harm’s way.

Sometimes finding our inner strength is key.

All Vada Palmer ever wanted was a family and a place to call home. When she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, that dream is crushed.

Now she’s on the run from someone who claims she’s his.

It isn’t until Vada finds herself at Gem Creek Campground that she begins to feel at peace. The place calls to her, and so does a particular Orsin brother. While Vada knows she shouldn’t get comfortable, she can’t help it, especially once she learns some living at the campground share her secret—they have a bear inside them too.


Sometimes we aren’t meant to see how life will unfold.

Samantha Mathers never foresaw herself returning to Gem Creek, and she never saw her Gran becoming sick—not even with the gift of premonition she was born with.

Then again, Sam’s gift doesn’t work like that.

If it did, she would have known her feelings for Nash Orsin would come rushing back the second she saw him. She would have also known to trust her gut—and her bear—when it comes to Damon Kincaid, the persistent snake shifter intent on using her gift for his benefit. However, Sam’s gift clearly has a few blind spots.


Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you.

Liam Orsin wants one thing this Thanksgiving—for it to be the best one his mate has ever had. In fact, he and his bear have made it their mission. All seems to be going well until a small pack of coyotes start lurking around the campground.

Their presence was hindrance enough, but then a familiar face is spotted among them.

Someone has come back and maintaining the safety of his clan, and his mate, shifts front and center in Liam’s mind. Suddenly, surviving the holiday without any casualties seems most important.


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