Mistaken for something I never knew existed and abducted, I’m tossed into the shifter world where I’m forced to trust strangers to survive.

I’ve had to work hard for everything I have. I wasn’t given a silver spoon, and I don’t have a picture-perfect family. Heck, it’s been years since I last spoke to anyone in my family. Which is why when a late night delivery order takes a turn for the worst, I know it will be forever before anyone notices I’m missing. I know I’ll have to save myself. There’s only one thing tripping me up. My captors aren’t entirely human—but as it turns out, neither am I.

Soon I learn I’m a Mystic and the people who captured me are vampire bats. Their leader plans to force me to heal sick and wounded shifters while lining his pockets with the money. Just when all feels lost, an opportunity for escape presents itself. Now I’m on the run, but my horrible luck continues. I find myself stranded in an unfamiliar town, accepting help from unfamiliar faces—one of whom I feel a certain chemistry toward. For the first time in days, I feel safe, but as night falls, that sense of safety becomes fleeting because I know the bats will come for me.

This YA Paranormal Romance includes a strong female lead, a protective raven, creepy vampire bat shifters, suspense, and a slow-burn romance that will keep you hooked! All three books in the series are included in this boxed set.

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